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Новости по трансферу PI адресов

LIR-ам удалось наконец-то сдвинуть ситуацию в RIPE по трансферу PI адресов. Это хорошая новость. Реально процедура заработает, зная нерасторопность RIPE, примерно через 1-2 месяца. Мы успешно решали эти вопрос до этого проводя обоснование для RIPE на переоформление обьектов, но часто это было довольно сложно и хлопотно. Сейчас мы ожидаем, что все станет намного лучше, мы сможем работать быстрее и решать вопросы с IP адресами клиентам более оперативно!
You can find the full proposal at: https://www.ripe.net/ripe/policies/proposals/2014-02 
The new RIPE Document is called ripe-623 and is available at: 
The RIPE NCC has already begun preparations to implement this policy proposal. 
We will create new internal and external procedures, and related tools and documentation, to ensure the correct processing of IPv4 PI transfers. We estimate it will take about two months to fully implement the policy proposal. Once the implementation is complete, we will make another announcement and the transfer of IPv4 PI assignments will then be possible.

Раздел который нас интересует больше всего:

6.4 Transfers of PI space
Any holder of Provider Independent (PI) address space is allowed to re-assign complete or partial blocks of IPv4 address space that were previously assigned to them by the RIPE NCC.
Address space may only be re-assigned in accordance with the RIPE Policy, “Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders in the RIPE NCC Service Region”.
Re-assignments must be reflected in the RIPE Database. This re-assignment can either be on a permanent or non-permanent basis.
Parties that receive a re-assignment from another party cannot re-assign complete or partial blocks of the same address space to another party within 24 months of receiving the re-assignment.
The RIPE NCC will record the change of PI assignment after the transfer.
The RIPE NCC will publish a separate list of all PI assignments transferred under this section. The publication shall occur on monthly basis or more frequently if the RIPE NCC so chooses.
The list will contain information about approved and non-approved transfers.
The following information will be published for approved transfers:

The name of the transferring party

The block originally held by the transferring party

The name(s) of the receiving party or parties

Each subdivided prefix (each partial block derived from that original block) transferred

The date each prefix was transferred
Non-approved transfers will be published in aggregate statistics. In the statistics the following information will be published:

The number of requested transfers not approved after the RIPE NCC’s evaluation

The sum of the number of addresses included in the requested transfers
Neither the blocks nor the organizations involved will be identified in these statistics.
Please note that the transferring party always remains responsible for the entire assignment it receives from the RIPE NCC until the transfer of address space toanother party is completed or if the address space is returned.
Re-assigned blocks are no different from PI assignments made directly by the RIPE NCC and so must be used by the receiving party according to the policies described in this document.

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